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Eco friendly weighing scales 



Designed from sustainable and renewable materials

Designed to be eco-friendly

This aim of this project was to work in teams and create a brief to redesign a domestic consumer product in order to make it eminently more sustainable and desirable. The product could be of any variety that could be improved through manufacture, construction and assembly/disassembly. The use of CAD was required for the project with research findings proving the need for design. A final facsimile model was required that was made with CAM machines, demonstrating a professional level of understanding in design for manufacture.

Fewer parts used for the assembly 

Modern design with a traditional finish

The Sustainable Products Company (SPC)

The product needed to comply with a fictional company based in mid Wales known as The Sustainable Products Company (SPC). The company operated in the manufacture of ethical and sustainable consumer products with the following manufacturing methods which needed to be accounted for the products manufacture:


  • Sand Casting & Die Casting of recycled Aluminium

  • CNC Punch Pressing of sheet Aluminium and Steel (plus general sheet metal fabrication)

  • CNC Turning of Aluminium and Steel

  • CNC Milling of Aluminium and Steel

  • CNC Routing of Wood (plus general wood fabrication including steam bending)


The facsimile model had to comply with manufacturing methods set by the project brief whilst respecting the four 4R’s of true eco-design:

Reduce    Re-use    Recycle    Repair-ability

Research findings

Primary & secondary research was collected to provide the need for a new design. Below are the research findings:

  • Through house deconstruction and market research,  electronic kitchen scales have been found to be made from un sustainable materials but can also loose the accuracy of the weight of an item.

  • To solve this issue the project focused on looking at non electric scales that are available and redesigning them so that materials are sustainable and repair will be easier.

  • The target market is the modern home owners between the ages of 25-40 who enjoys baking and cooking.

  • This age group were found to be interested in the environment and the sustainable living, feeling strongly about maintaining the planet and its life. 

  • The aesthetics of this will be contemporary with a classic element involved.

  • It has to be functional as this is one of the issues we currently have with electronic scales; they use unnecessary power when this can be visited and re-evaluated.

  • Sustainability will be the forefront of the design, and we will ensure that it complies with all the standards set out by SPC including use of the 4R’s  where applicable.

  • Further involvement of the product will involve ensuring that it does reduce parts and is manufactured to the best suitable and simplest process of design, thus reducing costs, time and material usage and storage.

Existing solution - reverse engineering

Weighing scales were purchased and disassembled to understand the engineering of the product. This helped to understand how all components work together to perform the task of recording the weight of items. The mechanisms were reused for the final facsimile model.

Final Design

The final design would be made from Beech, complying with the CNC manufacturing methods set by the brief. This modern design features a traditional twist with its wooden theme shell with stainless steel components.  Below are images of the final design.

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