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Top right: Final Design

Right : Final Model

Music is an ever popular thing that is constantly growing in society today and will do in future generations. One form of music based product is a radio. Over time different designs of radios have been developed in reflection of themes, time and technology.


The aim for this project is to consider how products can be designed to avoid becoming obsolete by further developing technology. This is difficult as technology does not seem to reach a limit; the continuous progression of new ideas is ongoing.

The project will look to produce a radio that will exceed future technology and become future proof, through the use of materials, a good USP and the overall design.

Domestic Future Proof Radio



Click sketch for pop - up view

Secondary research showed the following:

  • The market for radios years ago was highly chaotic, but has now been suppressed due low sales (progression of technology).

  • Radios today give the impression they are almost made obsolete because of how they are incorporated with other products such as phones; many phones feature applications in which enable its users to listen to wireless radio on the move.

  • Many consumers may find that the product is very attractive, but it isn’t needed necessarily as it is only a single based product. If all past radios where made obsolete and touch screen radios where the ‘new form’ of listening to music, then this trend would increase.

  • The present trend/ style of listening to music is products such as an I-Pod. Products such as this are difficult to overlap, however it is always possible to make a new form of radio that inherits this existent idea upon many other (idea to power the radio being another).

Primary findings showed the following:


  • Current products retailed on the market are more cost effective and have a poor life span due to materials and overall design.

  • Sourcing a radio and disassembling the product helped to understand the make-up of this product for later detailed designing.

  • Questionnaires were presented to 20 candidates to enable further findings. The results proved the need for an eco friendly design that ran on solar energy.

  • Some candidates did not feel the need for eco power was necessary as mains power was suitable; this option had to still feature if required.

17 People

3 People

13 People

3 People

2 People

Would you like the idea of an eco-friendly powered radio?

What ideas do you think would be good to eco-power a radio?

Initial Concept Development

The following sketches were inspired through research findings whilst addressing the needs of the target market. The solution had to incorporate renewable energy features, feature modern aesthetics and consist of fewer components. 

Further Conceptual Development

The initial concepts were shared & discussed amongst end consumers to help generate further ideas. The following design were selected as to develop further through further sketching.

Final Concept

The final design demonstrates how the radio can avoid becoming obsolete through modern design, material selection and power source. Images of the product as shown below.

Clean look to the interface, designed to be user friendly

Solar powered to capture suns rays; additional means of powering with a modern design look. Additional mains power USB source for users who may prefer option

Rotational handle for when sunlight isn't visible optimising stored charged energy from solar

Final Prototype

A facsimile model was designed to demonstrate physical features of the final product. The model was used to demonstrate how users would interact with the radios dials, arial, rotating side handle and touch screen. A final model was required for the project brief. Further to the model was an exploded CAD design listing the full components found within the radio.

B.O.M. of concept

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