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Meet Inspired, the Educational Tablet

Inspired has been created as an affordable, easy-to-use solution designed to prompt learning.

Versatile and Friendly

Inspired offers multiple learning tools that attend to the needs of the user through primary & secondary research findings.

Ergonomically Designed

Inspired has been designed to suit the needs of its environment. It needed to be a well designed, robust product to withstand harsh environments.

Interactive & Smart

Simple design features such as a power button, volume keys and a stylus prompt skillsets in young users.


Developing countries are recorded to be in a state of poverty, with families struggling to survive financially. Existing companies and organisations, (World Reader and Outreach International), have attempted to battle poverty, and have proven so far this can be possible by making a change. 


In 2007, only 25% of elementary schools students went to a high school, due to expense. This is a problem, as this lowers innovation and skills whilst raising unemployment and dependency on foreign aid. 

The aim of this project was to create a new solution that encouraged children in developing countries to have a form of interaction to aid their learning skills. The solution had to be affordable and easy to use. 

Research findings

  • Children enjoy learning new solutions on their own, so making the interface easy-to-use, however not instructive.

  • The solution must provide activities, software, class based subjects and educate young children, (6-12).

  • Internet connectivity must be accessible.

  • Nothing too overly complicated; IOS and Android OS, (Operating System) would be too overly complex for this age range, as research has shown these OS are for older users.

  • USB Ports featured.

  • Voice recognition software for interaction.

  • Information Ergonomics to be strongly considered through designing.

  • Appropriate use of natural and artificial machine languages.

  • Use of state transition diagrams to map out the software, hardware and interaction between them.

  • Use of nice elegant shapes and colours; user friendly.

  • Reflect on the alternative methods of charging the device as resourced throughout the project.


Conceptual Development

Research into existing solutions have inspired the following concepts. Understanding how users interact with tablets was important for the ergonomics of this design. Below are a selection of concepts from the project.

State transition diagrams - UI/UX concept design

State transition diagrams helped to understand the interaction of the device. A live application was built with the use of an existing tablet and software. This helped to capture how people would interact with the device, and learn where improvements would be necessary.

Below are images of what the tablet would look like. The bezel is a thin frame with rounded edges for a comfortable feel when in the users hands. The power source is placed at the top of the device for a simple layout. The home screen is a neat layout with a simple interface colour scheme.

Features & benefits of final design

Internet connectivity allowing versatile learning.

Typing software for capturing notes.

Artistic applications for creativity.

Primary education tools include mathematics, sciences and languages.

Music, calender, camera & photos allows for personalising and social connectivity.

'Speak' is the integrated smart system designed to help by commanding 'Hi Speak...'

Tech is the designed to teach children about design and technology.

Other smart applications include time, volume, & settings. 



Art allows children to explore their imagination through creativity and interaction. Partnered with the Inspired pen, children will be able to draw and design.


Fresh Green


Frost White



Maths teaches children about essential mathematical skills such as adding, subtraction, multiplication and division.



Science provides and insight into the world of physicals, chemistry and biology through games and equations.


Jet Black


Cool Blue


Educational, Personal, Inspire

Available in four refreshing colours, the Inspired tablet can enable children to have a personal stamp with their device. Inspired is a solution that provides better opportunities for children to learn and expand their knowledge whilst retaining enjoyment and social development.


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