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Meet the modern TV remote

The Modern TV Remote has been designed to encompass the needs of the user whilst maintaining an elegant and simplistic style. The television remote control has been around for many years but continues to address the needs of the modern, younger market. Older generations find modern day technology difficult to interact with and feel the need of help from others. The brief of this project was to redesign the TV remote to suit all audiences, from youth to elderly. 

Simple design with minimal components

The modern TV remote has been designed using similar technology found in existing solutions including ABS plastics, silicone moulded button pads, circuit boards & battery power units. The aim of this 2 week project was to reverse engineer the current solution to simplify the product for its target end user. The focus for this project would be to limit the quantity of buttons, whilst making the external shape of the remote versatile and user friendly.

Initial Conceptual Development

Secondary research into the technology sector has shown that the elderly aren't considered the typical target market. Modern tech products such as televisions are designed & aimed at mid & younger generations who are found to be more technically literate. The older generation struggle to use these new products without further assistance.


The design process began with creating sketches of modern televisions. This process helped to capture what a television & remote could look & perform like. Below are initial concepts of modern TV designs.

Detailed Conceptual Development

Understanding the functions of modern televisions has enabled further development of a suitable remote.  The following selection of detail remote control designs encompass all functions necessary for everyday television use, whilst retaining a simple user interface. Ergonomics and functionality were the key areas to focus on during sketching.

Above are different button designs found on everyday products. Adding these design features onto the remote created new and exciting designs to emerge.

Final Concept

The final solution combined all requirements of the brief with a newer, more simplified designed interface. Featured is a power switch, channel browser, volume switch and mute button. The technology has been designed to suit all users but primarily targets the older generation. The ability to use the remote will improve the confidence in older generations when interacting with other products. Below are visuals of the final design.





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