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Modern simplified TV remote (2018)           New!

Most new technology emerging onto the market can be over-complicated and therefore not simple for the end user to understand. The brief of this project was to redesign the usability experience of the tv remote to a more simplified and easy solution.

Spirit Level Concept (2014)

The brief of this project was set by a client to design some concept work for a portable spirit level device. The aim of this device should be to enable balanced gym equipment workouts.

Barbells 1.jpg

Space-Saving Kitchen for the First Time Property Buyer (2014)

Feng Shui is a kitchen designed for modern British homes. The kitchen is a combination of a wide range of helpful appliances and efficient storage solutions.

Educational Toy for the Autistic Spectrum (2014)

Empathy is a product designed to support children on the autistic spectrum through the motion of sensory play. The toy encourages children to improve their interaction skills and prompt communication between others by dividing into two units.

CAD CAM of eco-friendly kitchen scales (2013)

A minimalistic, contemporary set of kitchen scales designed for simplicity and sustainable manufacturing. This project was a two person project with Catherine Broadhurst, another product design student.

Inspired Tablet (2013)

The brief of the project was to create a concept that would enable children in developing countries to have an education tool. The final solution was a cost effective and easy-to-use tablet.

IP Co-Constructing Healthier Experiences Project Belgium (2013)

This project was a group project shared with other design students from all over Europe. The solution was a practical chair frame system that was designed and manufactured for a live client with ADHD and MND.

Stapleless Stapler for sustainable design and office use (2012)

The brief of the project was to select and reverse engineer an existing office based product in order to make it more environmentally friendly. The final solution was a stapleless stapler that allowed paper to be punched and folded.

Domestic Future Proof Radio (2011)

The brief of the project was to design a product that could avoid becoming obsolete by further developing technology. The project focused on developing a future-proof radio, through suitable material fabrication, technology installed and style.

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